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Castle Ironfist is a region in Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven. It surrounds the actual Castle Ironfist, the castle of Prince Nicolai Ironfist and Enroth's regent Wilbur Humphrey. Castle Ironfist is located on top of a ridge to the northwest inside the area's boundaries, and two ships lie at the dock there; Zephyr and Queen Catherine, the latter only travelling to Hermit's Isle after a certain quest is completed.

Map Guide[]

  1. Snergle's Caverns
  2. The Will o' Wisp Inn
  3. The Seer
  4. Shadow Guild Hideout
  5. A sword in a stone. Requires a Might of 40 to remove.
  6. Castle Ironfist town
  7. Shrine of Electricity
  8. Obelisk 12. The inscription reads: _t_staoi_on_oiz_
  9. Amphitheater teleporter to the front of the castle
  10. Fountain restores +10 hit points
  11. Corlagon's Estate
  12. Healing temple of Baa
  13. Temple of Baa dungeon
  14. Dragoons' Caverns


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