Carsas Blacksword, the second of the three mad Blacksword brothers, acts an antagonist in The Gathering Storm. A Fireguard, he was the possessor of the Tiger Armor, a component of the fabled Armor of the Tiger artifact set.


Just as his two brothers, Carsas was insane, ruled a small kingdom and held a piece of the Armor of the Tiger. Carsas's land was small, and situared across the Deadman's Strait. Just under Carsas's domain, some Necromancers resided.

During the events of Heroes IV: The Gathering Storm, Dogwoggle the Barbarian embarked in a quest to assemble the powerful Armor of the Tiger as part of the game's main goal, defeating the crazed Hexis. After successfully retrieved the first component, the Frost Hammer, Dogwoggle set out for Carsas's artifact.

He managed to befriend the underground Necromancers, but the prudent Carsas, who had saboteurs and spies in most of the Necropolises, started an uprising and caused those traitorous towns to work for him. Remaining only with the main Necropolis, Koyle's Keep, Dogwoggle solved the little inconvenience by taking back the towns, and by securing the surface ground from the other side of the Deadman's Strait.

Gathering all his armies, he and his Necromantic allies then sailed past the Strait and landed on Carsas's territory. The final fight took place between Dogwoggle and Carsas, with the Barbarian as victor. Dogwoggle retrieved the Tiger Armor, and, after some "interogation", convinced Carsas to impart the location of the third and last of the Tiger artifacts.

Carsas was then released naked in the undead infested underground.


Carsas appears as an antagonist in Allies Lost, the second scenario from the Might Makes Right campaign. He is located in the North-western corner of the adventure map, on the surface. He is behind a quest gate that allows only the protagonist Dogwoggle to pass; Carsas cannot wander outside the Gate.

Carsas is Level 20 Fireguard. He is equipped with the Tiger Armor and the Sword of Swiftness. He is skiled in Advanced Combat, Expert Melee, Expert Archery, Master Chaos magic, Expert Conjuration, Expert Pyromancy and Expert Sorcery.

Carsas knows the Chain lightning, Fire Aura, Fire Bolt, Fire Ring, Fireball, First Strike, Implosion, Lightning and Magic Arrow spells. His army consists of 100 bandits, 30 evil eyes, 30 minotaurs and 4 hydras. An event that occurs every 7 days (starting with the 14th day), strengthens this army by adding it 20 bandits, 10 evil eyes, 5 minotaurs and 1 hydra, and by giving Carsas 1,500 Experience.


Carsas appears only in Heroes of Might and Magic IV's add-on, The Gathering Storm.

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