Count Carlyle is a character in Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes.


Carlyle is an arrogant man who lusts for power. With some persuasions, after the death of Lord Edric Unicorn, the emperor promoted him to general to fight the elves of Irollan, as he accused the Unicorn family as traitors.

Secretly dealing with Lord Bloodcrown, his plan was to assassinate the emperor and take his place, though Godric Unicorn chased him. He used the wand that was given from Lord Bloodcrown, but was unable to control its magic and was transformed into a hideous monster, trying to swallow the emperor. Eventually, Godric managed to defeat and kill him, ending the threat.



Hero Trait
Bile Blast Bile Blast
Transforms random enemy core units and walls into food. On the following turn, Carlyle consumes each piece of food and spits them back at the enemy Hero as blasts of bile.OffBck


Carlyle is seen to order some archers to deal with Evelyn and, later, going into the arena. He was planning with Bloodcrown to assassinate the emperor and went to. Godric and Varkas came, though he used the rod his master gave him and turned into a monster, so Godric needs to slay him.


Carlyle appears only in Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes.

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