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Capybara Games is an award-winning independent game studio based out of Toronto, Canada. The company began life in the local IGDA chapter, and made some award-winning mobile games. Now, Capy focuses on the development of iPhone, Nintendo DS, and downloadable console games. The studio's mascot is a mustachioed man named Hank Hudson.

Capybara Games developed the DS game Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes.


The studio has developed the following games:

  • S.M.A.B.U: Earth Wars - Self
  • Super Shove IT! - Starwave Mobile
  • Monkey On Your Back - Infusio
  • Manic Medic AKA Take Yer Meds! - Infospace
  • Pillowfight - I-Play
  • Critter Crunch - iPhone, iPod Touch, Disney/Starwave
  • Critter Crunch - Sony Playstation 3 - PSN Downloadable - Self Published

Might and Magic[]


  • Independent Games Festival - Critter Crunch for Best Mobile Game 2008, Best Audio 2008
  • Wave Awards - Critter Crunch for Best Mobile Game - 2007
  • IGN - Critter Crunch for Best Mobile Puzzle Game 2007, Biggest Surprise. Pillow Fight for Best Mobile Fight Game 2007.

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