A Campaign is a series of scenarios, tied together by a common story and usually one or more recurring heroes. Each game and expansion in the Heroes and the Chronicles series came with a number of campaigns as means to tell the title's story. All the events happening in the campaigns are considered canonical, except the ones from Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Price of Loyalty.

The classic campaign structure obliges the player to start from the first scenarios, with each subsequent mission being unlocked by completing the previous scenario. Sometimes, campaigns allow the player to choose between various scenarios, thus giving the opportunity to decide how the story evolves (this featured prominently in the Heroes II campaigns).

Sometimes, completing a campaign is mandatory to play a campaign whose story is a direct continuation of the first's.

Each game has a Campaign Editor that allowed players to create their own custom campaigns.

Below there is a list of all canonical campaigns included in the Heroes titles. For more information, click on the respective campaign.

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