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"Your loyalty was never in question. But the queen - who does she serve?"
—Lord Caldwell, to Freyda

Lord Caldwell was a noble of the Holy Griffin Empire's Unicorn Duchy, and one of the most reluctant objectors to Queen Isabel's reign. He was the uncle of Freyda. Caldwell appeared in Heroes of Might and Magic V and Hammers of Fate.


Loyalty under question[]

"Please, High King. You have land on the border that is lightly forested and unpopulated, let us use it. If war comes, we will be your buffer."
—Lord Caldwell

After Emperor Nicolai Griffin, fatally wounded, named his fiancée Isabel as his successor on the Empire's throne, more than half of the peers and lords of the Griffin Empire were outraged, and incited a civil war. The most important figures in the rebellion against the new queen were the Archbishop Randall and Lord Caldwell. They sought to enthrone young Prince Andrei, the cousin of Nicolai, in her place.

After Markal reanimated Nicolai as a Vampire and assumed control of the Empire, Caldwell, Randall and a handful of Knights immediately fled and successfully implored High King Alaron for refuge in Irollan, helping to stem the tide of Nicolai's subsequent attack. They later joined the Triumvirate led by Godric, Findan and Zehir, and managed to purge the Empire of Markal's influence. After the conflict, Caldwell and Randall returned to Irollan, and settled in the borderlands, taking Prince Andrei with them.


Caldwell, as he was planned to appear in Hammers of Fate

"And so the traitor perishes. Your faith is an example to us all, Freyda. Even one's own family must be purged of the demon taint."

Later, Biara, the usurper of the Griffin Empire's throne, sent Freyda, Laszlo and Alaric to recover Prince Andrei (she wanted to kill him); Caldwell and Randall refused to give up the prince and attacked Freyda, but were destroyed. Freyda herself reluctantly took her uncle's life on the battlefield, immediately invoking the "blessings of Elrath" on his soul afterward. Nevertheless, a few of Caldwell's soldiers managed to slip away to the Stag Duchy, and took Andrei with them.



Heroes V[]

  • The Refugees: Lord Caldwell and his people join the elven folk and promise to aid them against the attacks of the undead.

Hammers of Fate[]

  • Rebels: Caldwell and Randall rebel against the queen and go into the wilderness. Freyda and Laszlo need to hunt them down.


While Lord Caldwell is not a playable hero in Heroes V, Adrian Smith created a portrait for his character, evident in the developer portraits included in Tribes of the East - one of which is named "Hav_Caldwell_Serge". The original portrait was neither used nor publicly released in Hammers of Fate, but Ubisoft generously released it as an exclusive in 2011.


Lord Caldwell appears in Heroes of Might and Magic V and in its add-on, Hammers of Fate.