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Burning Ash Forest is a forest that's mentioned in Might and Magic: The Sea of Mist. It is located in Turrel in the Six Shards. The forest was talked about in legend as "a place of ghosts and undead".

At one point, River and a group of students were deep in the forest when a storm suddenly started to roll in. She wanted to stay, as they had full packs and small tents with them, but the others decided to head back to Soronne.

Later in the evening, River met up with Telop Vine and Praz-El at the Sage's Rebuttal, and she asked Praz-El to go back to the forest with her and stay the night. She hoped to seduce him, but he declined, as he didn't want any rumors to reach the ears of Lissella Morely.

The Sea of Mist by Mel Odom
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