Bright Star is an voidfaring alliance of worlds descended from the Ancients[1] that's mentioned in Might and Magic: The Shadowsmith. It was engaged in a fierce rivalry with the Arc. The only Bright Star world that's named in the novels is Merdado, home of Eil do Mer[2].

Like the Arc's Jassad Attqua, Eil do Mer was sent to Hitch's and Diligence's planet to look into the wonders reported by the empire's mechanical probes. The planet seemed to display abilities and technology far above what was expected for their stage of societal development.

Bright Star's language programs were not as advanced as those of the Arc, and neither were their medical equipment. They didn't implant artificial intelligences like The Reference into their brains, but embedded them into their ships instead. Eil do Mer's vessel was quicker and more heavily armed than Jassad's golden ship, but it's unknown if this was typical for the empires.


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