Brevny, nicknamed Brev, was one of the soldiers that accompanied Diligence's caravan when it left The Wheel. Like the other soldiers, he was clad in black armor.

When the caravan came close to the Aulmad, Brevny and Dopple were given alters to ride on and sent to scout the road ahead, to make sure it was safe. They came rushing back some time later, explaining that they had seen a great, bloody battle in a basin ahead. Shevoss and Varve were sent to examine further and see if it would soon be safe to travel through, and returned an hour later with strange news: not only was there no battle there, there were no signs that there had ever been one.

Insulted by this report, Dopple accused her of lying, and tried to pick a fight with Varve and Shevoss until Welleck sent the two sets of guards to opposite sides of the camp.

Shortly after leaving Paddifraw's Repose, the caravan was ambushed by Dubiel's soldiers. Brevny was one of the people who were killed.