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Chief Brekish Onefang is a character that appears in Might and Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer. He is the chieftain of the lizardman village on the Dagger Wound Islands.


Onefang's village was visited by Dadeross's caravan, who wanted to purchase some tobersk fruit, but their trade talks were cut short when a volcano suddenly rose from the sea, causing a wave that washed away all bridges connecting the islands to each other and the mainland. Seeing an opportunity, the Regnan pirates attacked the village.

Chief Onefang wanted the Hero of Jadame to reach the smaller islands and rescue the villagers stranded there. A system of teleporters existed, but the only one who might know how to activate them was a cleric named Fredrick Talimere.

He also wanted the hero to inform the Merchant Guild about the Regnan attack, and hoped that they would send help.

When the Regnan pirates were driven back, he remarked that the village would likely never be the same, and he was unsure whether they would rebuild the village or move somewhere else. "I know you have done great things for us, but not everything can be fixed once broken."


The party receives the Bring Brekish Onefang's portal crystal to Fredrick Talimere from Brekish Onefang. The quest requires the party to bring a power stone from the chief to Fredrick Talimere.

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