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Breitling is a character that appears in Might and Magic: The Dreamwright and Might and Magic: The Shadowsmith. He was the marchmaster of the caravan transporting Diligence to the Unseen Wall.

Breitling was a cartographer from the Lower Steppes. He had a long, freckled face, freckled hands, and polished fingernails. He always wore a heavy iron ring on his left middle finger. He was very formal and liked things to be correct, and would protest when he wasn't shown the respect he felt he deserved. He became very nervous under pressure, and didn't handle crises well.

He shared the first wagon of the caravan with Pomponderant. All the wagons were solar-powered and connected to each other with wires, and Breitling controlled the speed. If the caravan was attacked, he could draw it into a defensive circle with a master tiller in his wagon. His wagoneer Welleck had the last wagon. Welleck was very good at his job, and an honest man, which meant he rarely showed his boss the respect the marchmaster felt he deserved.

Breitling was very fond of the hubwoman Nury, and the two often took each other's side in disagreements. They often chatted with each other and grew very close over time, and when Pomponderant left the caravan, Nury moved in with the marchmaster.

As he was responsible for transporting Diligence, and was impressed by who her parent were, he did his best to protect her at all times, but he never liked her, and rarely took her seriously. He hated Hitch from the start, and neither Breitling nor Nury wanted to let the boy or the unconscious Jassad Attqua travel with them, but Pomponderant and Diligence didn't give them a choice. Breitling never tried to hide his dislike of Hitch, but he expressed it slightly more diplomatically than Nury, who openly mocked both Hitch and Diligence.

When they thought Hitch had been killed at Paddifraw's Repose, Breitling was wearing an expression of distaste mixed with triumph, while Nury displayed nothing but self-righteous satisfaction.

After Nury was killed at the crystal palace, Breitling wanted to transport her body home to her native land for proper burial, but Amonwelle told him that it was out of the question. He then asked to see her one last time, but didn't want the guards there. He managed to sneak in alone, and the corpse suddenly rose up and strangled him, before infecting him with one of Dubiel's metal seeds. The guards arrived too late to save his life, but Pomponderant managed to remove the seed and prevent him from rising from the dead.