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Brother Brax is a necromancer and campaign hero in the main campaign of Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Succession Wars, and serves under Archibald Ironfist.


Archibald: Congratulations. You have simultaneously weakened our enemies the wizards and strengthened our friends the Necromancers. The Necromancers Guild sends its undying gratitude, and wishes to inform you that one of their best practitioners will always be available to serve you for as long as you serve me.OffBck


  • The Heroes II game manual contains a picture of a hero named Rogrog, with his portrait being almost identical to Brother Brax's.
  • Brother Brax appears as a recruitable hero in the player's castle starting from the 5th scenario as a reward for the completion of the "Necromancers" scenario (number 3 in the Archibald's campaign of Heroes II). He is given the 5th level from the start with no predefined secondary skills or army.
  • Like Eliza, Brax is a special hero available to be hired as a campaign reward in classic Heroes II. He also bears the religious title "Brother" mirroring with Eliza's "Sister".


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