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The Brass Sea is a sea on Axeoth, and appears in Might and Magic: The Sea of Mist. It divides the continent of Tamarck into Upper and Lower Tamarck. The Isle of the Dead is located in the Brass Sea, and the Six Shards lies near the sea's shore.

Captain Davin Jarrell was commander of the fleet of the Six Shards, which was maintained on the Brass Sea. When Soronne was attacked by Sendark's undead armies, most of the fleet was lost. Later, Captain Jarrell sailed his remaining ship, the Crimson Raptor, from the shore near Soronne into the Sea of Mist, in an effort to cross the Brass Sea and reach the Isle of the Dead. He and the other heroes hoped to stop Fahd Mandel and Lenik, the two traitors who had helped Sendark attack their homeland, from gaining the power of gods.

The Sea of Mist by Mel Odom
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