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The Bracada Desert is a part of Bracada and a region in Might and Magic VII: For Blood and Honor.

The party can walk north to Erathia or east to the Barrow Downs. The docks can take them to Tatalia on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, Evenmorn Island on Tuesdays and Thursdays, the Tularean Forest on Saturdays, and Erathia on Sundays.

Map guide Edit

  1. Main square.
  2. Pedestal that casts earth resistance.
  3. Pedestal that casts shield.
  4. Home of Smiling Jack, who teaches expert dagger, and Wil Rudyman, who teaches expert bow.
  5. Familiar Place: Tavern. Location of the innkeeper Bismor and Judge Fairweather.
  6. Attribute contest.
  7. Guild of Illumination: Spell guild. Location of Lews.
  8. Master Guild of Water: Spell guild. Location of Lund.
  9. Chest containing the Abbey Normal Golem Head, as well as a list showing the location of the golem pieces for the Collect the six golem pieces quest.
  10. Home of Gary Zimm, who offers the Retrieve the Seasons' Stole quest.
  11. Temple of Light: Healing temple.
  12. Crystal Caravans: Stables. Location of Erwin.
  13. Chest containing the golem head.
  14. Red Dwarf Mines.
  15. Home of Samuel Benson, who teaches master identify item.
  16. Home of Alashandra, a minor character.
  17. Edmond's Ampules: Alchemist. Location of Edmond.
  18. Artifacts & Antiquities: Magic shop. Location of Sionell.
  19. Home of Elsie Pederton, who teaches master staff.
  20. Home of Issac Applebee, who teaches expert learning.
  21. Home of Brand the Maker, who teaches grandmaster plate armor.
  22. Home of Leda Rowan, who offers the Win five arena challenges quest.
  23. Home of Lysander Sweet, who offers the Calm the trees quest.
  24. Well with a random effect.
  25. Home of Kelli Hollyfield, who teaches expert body building.
  26. Home of Bryce Watershed, who teaches expert alchemy.
  27. Home of Puddle Stone, who teaches expert unarmed, and Spyder, who teaches expert dodging.
  28. Docks. Location of the ship Enchantress and its captain Adric.
  29. Home of Ethan Lightsworn, who teaches expert Light Magic, and Tessa Greensward, who teaches master meditation.
  30. School of Sorcery.
  31. Home of Gayle, who teaches grandmaster air magic.
  32. Home of Brigham the Frugal, who teaches grandmaster merchant.
  33. Celeste.

Monsters Edit

Statistics Edit

  • Trap value: 12
  • Steal value: 6
  • Perception: 12

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