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Bracada was a kingdom of the mages in Antagarich. It was founded by Gavin Magnus after the fall of Bracaduun. It borders Krewlod to the northwest and Erathia to the northeast.

Bracada in Axeoth[]

After the Reckoning, Gavin Magnus re-established Bracada in Axeoth. He became aware of the nearby kingdom of Great Arcan, ruled by Queen Emilia Nighthaven. As many of his former subjects had settled in her lands, and the Queen was a former glassblower's apprentice with little leadership experience, he felt he should rule that land as well. He sent his servant Solmyr to convince her, first with diplomacy, then with force. Both tactics failed, and Solmyr was taken prisoner, though as a shapeshifting genie, it wasn't difficult for him to escape, and Emilia didn't try very hard to stop him.

When the might of his armies proved inadequate to conquer Emilia's forces, King Magnus hired the red dwarves to construct dragon golems, but most of them were lost in one of the dwarves' drunken brawls. Instead, he aquired the Rainbow Crystal, building a Crystal Pendulum to hypnotize his enemies, and he conquered Great Arcan without a fight.

With the aid of the Mind Shield, Queen Emilia and Solmyr managed to face Gavin Magnus on the battlefield, and the Crystal Pendulum was destroyed, as was King Magnus' mind. Queen Emilia had her spine severed in the battle, and was told she would never walk again, but her nation was free. With King Magnus' mind gone, it is likely that his lands came under Emilia's control, and Bracada became part of Great Arcan.