Stolen from their graves and compelled to serve the Necromancers, Bone Dragons are formed from the skeletons of dead dragons of other breeds. The Necromancer lands have no native dragons, and so they are compelled to steal and create their own.OffBck

The bone dragon is the seventh-tier creature of the Necropolis in Heroes of Might and Magic V.

As the highest-tier creature in the Necropolis army, the bone dragon is a heavy-hitting flyer that can bring down armies.


  • Undead - This creature is not alive (like all other Necropolis creatures) and its morale is always neutral. It cannot be affected by Poison- , Blind- or Mind-related magic.OffBck
  • Large creature - This creature is bigger than others and occupies four squares on the field.OffBck
  • Flyer - This creature can move on to any free tile on the game field during its turn, regardless of the obstacles in the way.OffBck

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