Bohb the Archmage is a major character in the Heroes of Might and Magic IV expansion, The Gathering Storm. One of the five heroes of Devonshire that eradicated the crazed Necromancer Hexis, he is the protagonist of the Masters of Magic campaign.


Bohb spent his younger years voraciously studying anything and everything magical. Though lacking a natural affinity for magic, he willed himself to master every school of magic. His hard work and success have created self-confidence that he can accomplish anything he sets his mind to.OffBck

When the benign sorcerer Hexis, corrupted by the magics he sought to bend to his will, started to disrupt the balance of Nature in order to increase his own power, five heroes from Devonshire - Bohb among them - decided to stop him. The group arranged a secret meeting in a humble tavern, and made the battle plans. Each of them was to embark in a quest for obtaining mythical artifacts of extraordinary powers, and then regroup and use all their combined mights in an all-out war against Hexis.

A dedicated student of magic (despite lacking a natural affinity for it), Bohb was elected to look for the five Relics of Nevar: the Wayfaring Boots, the Archmages' Hat, the Angelfeather Cloak, the Ring of Flares and the Staff of Disruption. These artifacts were once worn by their namesake Nevar, the greatest Axeothian Archmage.


Bohb is a Mage.

In Masters of Magic, he starts in the first mission as a Level 5 Archmage (his base class is Mage), holding the Basic level for all the magic schools in the game, and Basic Enchantment. Bohb also begins with one spell from each school of magic: he knows Bind Wound, Magic Arrow, Pathfinding, Poison and Precision.


Bohb appears only in Heroes of Might and Magic IV add-on, The Gathering Storm.