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A boat in Heroes III

Boats act as the main form of transportation across water on the adventure map in the Heroes of Might and Magic series. They can be often found on coasts, and can be used by any hero. They can also be built for a fee in shipyards on the adventure map or in towns near water. Alternatively, they can be summoned with the Summon Boat adventure map spell. Empty boats can be destroyed by the Scuttle Boat spell to prevent enemy heroes from using them. Boarding or disembarking from a boat will cause a hero to lose all of their movement points for the day.

Heroes III has three different models for boats. A "generic medieval" looking one, an "undead" styled one with torn sails and blackened hull (possibly intended for the Necropolis faction), and a "viking longboat" styled one (possibly intended for the Fortress faction). Only the first type can be built in shipyards, the latter two can only be found on certain maps.