Blind seer

The Blind Brothers are an order dedicated to the worship of Asha. Founded by Sar-Antor in 62 YSD, they are a congregation of healers, seers, and embalmers that serve the Dragon of Order through functions like facilitating births and supervising funerals.

The Blind Brothers are also capable of predicting the future (mainly by observing the movement of heavenly bodies), and sometimes are portrayed as benevolent beings that are more than happy to offer wise advice to those in need. They are not consulted very often, however, because most people think that these seers "speak in riddles and half-phrases and send you on wild goose chases".[1] However, it is their visions that predict the coming of the Bloodmoon Eclipses, which leads to a brief yet bloody Demon Invasion from Sheogh. Though it wouldn't be until the Fifth and Sixth Eclipse that the Blind Brothers would perfect their art of predicting these eclipses.

In The Trap, a scenario from The Queen campaign of the original Heroes V, Isabel manages to reach the rendezvous spot with the Elven reinforcements following the counsels of a Blind Brother. Additionally, Blind Brothers man the Astrologer's Towers scattered across Ashan (introduced in Heroes V: Tribes of the East).

References Edit

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