"Blade skill covers all types of blades shorter than 4 feet."

Blade is a skill in Might and Magic IX that increases effectiveness with all bladed weapons. It is one of the two starting skills for the Fighter class, the other being Armor. Fighters, Mercenaries, Crusaders, and Rangers can learn expert blade, and Assassins, Gladiators, and Paladins can learn grandmaster blade.

Effect Edit

  • Normal: Skill level is added to the character’s Attack Bonus.
  • Expert: Recovery penalty for the weapon is halved.
  • Master: Permits the use of a sword in the shield hand for the purpose of dual–wielding, and the use of two-handed swords.
  • Grandmaster: Effect varies per class.
    • Paladin: +1 per skill point to damage inflicted and character's combat total.
    • Gladiator: +1 per skill point to Armour Class and character's combat total.
    • Assassin: +1 bonus attack skill for every 3 skill points when wielding daggers.

Trainers Edit

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