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Blackbear Riders are the Dwarves' elite mounted troops. Their mighty beasts wear heavy armour and are rigorously trained to have improved vitality. In addition, the black bears can go into a frenzy, striking the enemies with their paws and knocking them aside to decrease their Initiative.

The blackbear rider is the upgrade of the bear rider, the third-tier unit of the Fortress faction in the Hammers of Fate expansion to Heroes of Might and Magic V.

With an increase to every stat and two new abilities, Armoured and Paw Strike, the blackbear rider is even better than the bear rider at charging at the enemy and striking them down.


  • Enrage -

    This creature's Attack increases during combat when any stack of friendly units dies (except resurrected creatures or creatures summoned on battlefield by magic).

  • Large Creature -

    This creature is bigger than others and occupies four squares on the field.

  • Armoured -

    This creature is resistant to all spells and effects that decrease Defense.

  • Paw Strike -

    This creature has a chance of pushing the target one tile aside and cancelling all Initiative the target has accumulated. The chance depends on the number of tiles this creature moved to attack.

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