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The black dragon is a creature in the Shades of Darkness expansion of Might & Magic: Heroes VI. It is the upgraded version of the shadow dragon.

The legendary Black Dragons are the ultimate evolution of the Shadow Dragons. On their wings, the eyes of Malassa are replaced by intricate patterns of light constantly dissolving, like galaxies being swallowed by the eternal darkness of space.OffBck


Living.png Living
Can be healed and resurrected. Susceptible to morale.OffBck
Disciple of Malassa.png Disciple of Malassa
As Disciples of Malassa, the Dungeon Creatures are blessed with 10% Darkness damage resistance, and cursed with a 10% vulnerability to light damage. Healing spells from the Light School damage enemy Dungeon Creatures.OffBck
Heroes VI Withering Breath Icon.png Withering Breath
The Black Dragon attacks, dealing 100% Darkness damage and inflicting a 15% Darkness damage-over-time to the target enemy creature whenever it acts, until the target dies or the end of the combat. Each turn, the damage-over-time is increased by 1% of the Black Dragon's base damage up to a total maximum of 20%. Cooldown: 3 turn(s).OffBck
Heroes VI Heart of Darkness Icon.png Heart of Darkness
Each Black Dragon increases the damage and duration of all Darkness abilities by 0.5%, up to a maximum of 5%.OffBck
Heroes VI Terrifying Presence Icon.png Terrifying Presence
Enemy creatures adjacent to the Black Dragon have a 20% chance of remaining Catatonic and an 80% chance of suffering a 15 decrease in Morale.OffBck
Heroes VI Immunity to Magic Icon.png Immunity to Magic
The Black Dragon is immune to all spells effects. Incoming spell damage from enemy units attacking the Black Dragon is also reduced by 30%.OffBck


The black dragon is fast, powerful, and effective. Black dragons are impervious to magic attacks from enemy heroes, and nearly impervious to magic attacks from enemies, considering its high magic defense. The black dragon is also powerful offensively, and when they fight in numbers, their Withering Breath ability can be devastating. Furthermore, their Terrifying Presence helps to stop nearby enemy troops from acting, either directly or by lowering their morale and increasing the chance of a bad morale check.

Black dragons are powerful offensive forces when besieging an enemy town, able to fly behind lines and potentially stun adjacent enemies. When being besieged, the black dragon may potentially wait, fly out from behind the walls and attack the enemy, and then fly back behind the walls, sparing them from focused attack by the enemy.

When fighting black dragons, shooters that deal Might damage are the key to damaging them safely. Should that not be enough, attack with your most powerful might units, or units that may strike and return to avoid the Terrifying Presence of the black dragons.


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