Black Dragons are the older, more powerful siblings of the Shadow Dragons. In addition to the skills their lesser brethren possess, Black Dragons are stronger and completely immune to magic.OffBck

The black dragon is an upgrade of the shadow dragon, the seventh level creature of the Dungeon faction in Heroes of Might and Magic V. It is one of the strongest units in the game, and in addition, it is completely immune to all magic, both friendly and hostile.

In the campaign of the game, they are referred to as the children of Malassa, the Dragon God of Darkness.

Basic creatures
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Upgraded creatures
Assassin · Blood fury · Minotaur guard · Grim raider · Deep hydra · Shadow matriarch · Black dragon
Alternate upgrades
Stalker · Blood sister · Minotaur taskmaster · Brisk raider · Foul hydra · Shadow mistress · Red dragon
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