The black dragon is a fourth-level creature from the Asylum town in Heroes of Might and Magic IV.

Black Dragons are the mightiest and most expensive creatures available for the Chaos/Asylum Faction. Their biggest advantage is also their greatest weakness: It's totally Immune to Magic, even your own magic. So casting Bless/Haste or other beneficial spells on them doesn't work. This also means you can pound the area with Armageddon spells without any risk of hurting them.

Other strengths are: A high amount of Hit Points (400 HP), so it's able to take a lot of damage, Breath Attack (it can attack two foes per turn with this ability). It's also fast. It is the most powerful regularly obtainable creature in the game (only beaten by the unobtainable megadragon), but also the most expensive.



Flying allows this creature to fly over obstacles, creatures, heroes, and castle walls.


This creature is completely Immune to Magic, including spells cast by friendly troops.


This creature's Breath Attack allows it to attack with a blast of fire that may also harm creatures directly behind an enemy target.

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