The Black Dragon Graveyard is a graveyard in Axeoth, appearing in the The Servant scenario of the The Price of Peace campaign in Heroes of Might and Magic IV.

The Black Dragon graveyard was the place where the black dragons buried their dead. It was protected by Lord Bloth the Hatcher, a powerful sorcerer who cared for them like children.

King Gavin Magnus of Bracada sent his servant, Solmyr, to find the Black Dragon Graveyard, so that his ally Koelox and his red dwarves could use their bones to construct dragon golems. Magnus would then use the golems to take over the world.

Solmyr defeated Bloth, and then followed the gathering black dragons to the graveyard. Wearing a Dragon Scale Armor to protect himself against the dragon fire, he defeated the black dragons protecting the graveyard and brought the bones back to King Magnus.

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