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Berserkers are much like Brawlers, but armed with cruelly-bladed gauntlets. Berserkers may fall into a combat frenzy, losing some Defense but increasing theit Offense greatly. When this happens, the Berserker attacks any nearby creature without suffering retaliation.OffBck

The berserker is the upgrade of the brawler, the fourth tier creature of the Fortress faction in the Hammers of Fate expansion to Heroes of Might and Magic V.

The Berserker Rage grants the berserker the ability to inflict a lot more damage than the brawler, but take care it doesn't attack its own allies.


  • Immune to Mind Control - This creature is immune to mind-affecting spells.OffBck
  • Berserker Rage - When this ability is used, the creature's Defense drops temporarily to zero, Offense increases by the same amount, and it attacks the nearest enemy automatically without suffering the retalation strike. However if there is no enemy in the movement range of this creature it will attack a nearest friendly unit instead of the enemy (activated ability).OffBck

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