"One scholar's study of anger in a Barbarian culture resulted in a fascinating discovery that proves useful in battle."
Berserk is a fourth-level Order Magic spell in Heroes of Might and Magic IV that costs eight spell points and forces the target to attack the nearest creature or hero, whether friend or foe. Usually, it lasts until the target spends its attack, is killed, or dispelled.


Often passed over in favor of the more powerful Hypnotize, Berserk is still a frightening curse when cast on a mighty stack.

When utilized against a stack that has "First Strike" capability, the effect of the spell endures until the attacked stack survives or retaliates, unless it also has First Strike or "Negate First Strike". If the attacked stack should be wiped out in the opening blow from the Berserked stack, the effect carries over to the next round.

Berserk is negated by the Mind Shield, and has no effect on undead, mechanical, or elemental creatures. The Crown of Enchantment can confer on the caster the ability to target some otherwise immune creatures with mind spells.