"I am Asha's servant. Her strength is my strength. And her strength knows no bounds."
—Belketh [src]

Belketh is a mentioned character in Heroes of Might and Magic V, Dark Messiah of Might and Magic and Might & Magic: Heroes VI, and makes an appearance in the Might & Magic: Heroes VI expansion Shades of Darkness.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Belketh is extremely old and wise, even by Angel standards. It was he that rediscovered the art of necromancy in 461 YSD and taught it to Wizards of the Seven Cities.[1] His research is not at an end: he hasn't found yet the path of enlightenment travelled by the wizard Sar-Elam, the Seventh Dragon.
Belketh fought in the Elder Wars, and though a courageous warrior, was one of the first Angels to condemn the fight with the Faceless as unholy.
Cast out for disloyal thinking, he went into seclusion and studied Dark Magic to better understand how Sar-Elam was able to travel through the Void.
He holds the title of Archon amongst the Necromancers, but gave up leadership when the school of Necromancy became the religious cult of the Mother Namtaru. He still holds tremendous influence, and will take time away from his personal quest to deal with any major danger to his fellow Necromancers. Two of his students, Vein and Sandro, would have incredible destinies and gain Ashanwide renown. Belketh is not easily rattled, for he has seen it all.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Heroes VI[edit | edit source]

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Heroes Online[edit | edit source]

Quests[edit | edit source]

Chapter 1: Namtaru's Claws[edit | edit source]
  • Talk to Orik: Belketh sends the hero to find the half-ghoul, who started the riots on Namtaru's Claws island.
Chapter 2: Nar-Heresh[edit | edit source]
  • The Intrigue: The hero and Yorath have to speak to Belketh. However, he doesn't fully trust Yorath and has Tarek capture him, but lets the hero search for evidence.
  • Spread Out!: Belketh lets the hero collect some resources and some troops, to help in the investigation.
  • A Hero's Shadow: Before making the investigation, Belketh asks of the hero to meet up with the mysterious person, who asked about the hero to meet them.
  • An Unexpected Offer: Belketh is told of Tarek's treachery and imprisons him. He also decides to accompany Yorath and the hero to the diplomatic negotiations.
  • The Imposter: Belketh permits the hero and Yorath to go to the Hidden House.
Chapter 3: The Whispering Plains[edit | edit source]
  • A Clash of Opinions: Belketh attends the negotiations, though a different Yorath came to the negotiations, accusing Yorath Al-Bekhir of trying to sabotage the negotiations.
  • A Bitter Truth: With the demons invading the Hidden House, Belketh is one of the people fighting the enemies.
  • When The Fires Cease: Belketh is told the fake Yorath was actually a nethermancer.
Chapter 4: The Lightlands[edit | edit source]
  • Gone With The Void: After the hero crossed through the portal to Lichtfels, he is met by Duncan and Belketh. Both of them report Sandro arrived, and exclaim the importance of saving Elrath.
  • The Dawn Of The Void: Duncan and Belketh wish the hero luck in eradicating the Void forces.
  • From Here To Oblivion: Belketh congratulates the hero upon Sandro's defeat.

Final Chapter: The Revelation Of The Void[edit | edit source]

  • The Peace Treaty: Belketh suggests the hero to seek Thomon out and finish the negotiations.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Belketh appears in Shades of Darkness and Heroes Online and is mentioned in Heroes VI, Heroes V and Dark Messiah.

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