Beldonia is a nation on Axeoth. It is located on Rysh, far to the west of Chedian, and is mentioned in Might and Magic IX.

Beldonia was part of the Ursanian Empire, and was the only region that was remote enough to be untouched by the Great Cataclysm. As such, they are architecturally and culturally much the same as they were then. Jevar the Bastard fled here after proclaiming himself emperor, and it was here that he slew his father, Emperor Trandis.

The Prince of Beldonia is Tamur Leng, eleventh direct descendant of Jevar. He was told by a Writ of Fate that it was his destiny to raise an army and forge a new Ursanian Empire by conquering all of Rysh. The Saviours of Chedian received a writ proclaiming that it was their fate to unite the six clans of Chedian and stop him. Both writs were actually written by Njam the Meddler.

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