Nature & Combat
Type Advanced class
Effect Summon Wolf +20% Bonus

The Beastmaster is an advanced class in Heroes of Might and Magic IV, based on Combat and Nature Magic. Beastmasters get a 20% bonus to the Summon Wolf spell.


The Beastmaster is most likely to learn Combat and Nature Magic and fairly likely to learn the Tactics, Scouting and Life Magic skills. Beastmasters cannot learn Order Magic or Death Magic when leveling up unless some basic training in those skills is already known.


The Beastmaster has one of the worst advanced class bonuses - the "Summon Wolf" spell has very limited use once other summoning spells are learned. For example, even the level 1 "Summon Leprechaun" spell can be used to summon a unit that can cast the spell "Fortune" on a friendly stack and then attack an enemy stack, spending the target's retaliation. Regardless, the Beastmaster is easily one of the more powerful advanced classes thanks to how Combat and Nature have incredibly good synergy with each other.

Beastmasters can do very well in any combat setting. They can be amazing support heroes, for example, having access to various buffing and disabling strategies thanks to summoning spells (indirectly giving them access to spells like Fortune, Mirth, Confusion, Fatigue, Binding and Weakness from various units) and spells like Quicksand and Dragon's Strength. These spells allow Beastmasters to control the flow of combat and potentially summon just the right type of reinforcements to counter specific enemy units. Beastmasters can also be dangerous combatants in their own right thanks to Combat skill upgrades and Nature spell buffs. Combined with their durability, this makes them a particularly tricky enemy hero to deal with - shutting them down can be difficult, attacking them directly can backfire spectacularly and ignoring them completely is a recipe for disaster.

Known Beastmasters Edit

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