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The Battle Mage is the Magic hero class of the Stronghold faction in Heroes of Might and Magic III. Its Might counterpart is the Barbarian.

Battle Mages are Barbarians with limited spellcasting abilities. While they advance their ability at magic, they also study the arts of war. Battle Mages often wear trophies, gathered from slain foes, from which they derive additional power.OffBck

When leveling up below level ten, battle mages are most likely to gain attack (30%), followed by spellpower and knowledge (25% each), and least likely to gain defense (20%). After level ten, it's 25% each for all four skills.

Skill probability[]

Probability Skill
9 Logistics
8 Offense
6 Ballistics, Sorcery, Wisdom
5 Eagle Eye, Intelligence, Tactics
4 Archery, Armorer, Artillery, First Aid, Leadership, Learning, Mysticism, Pathfinding, Resistance, Scholar, Scouting
3 Air Magic, Diplomacy, Fire Magic, Earth Magic, Water Magic
2 Luck
1 Estates
0 Navigation, Necromancy

Notable battle mages[]

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