Bart Brimstone is a character in Pirates of the Savage Sea, Might & Magic X: Legacy and Might & Magic: Heroes VII add-on, Trial by Fire.


Pirates of the Savage SeaEdit

Bart Brimstone is a pirate and Crag Hack's former quartermaster. He lives on the Savage Islands, and works as an armorsmith.

Might & Magic X: LegacyEdit

Bart Brimstone is a captain from Grimheim, he is at the Toothrot Tavern (18,10) in The Crag.

Trial by FireEdit

Born in a clan of artisans and engineers, Bart Brimstone was fascinated by water and believed there was great power to be harnessed in the marriage of fire and its opposite element. His research was regarded as heresy by the other Dwarves, which eventually led to Brimstone’s exile. To further his knowledge of water in all its forms, he eventually joined a crew of Sea Elves in their travels, and ended up falling in love with the ocean and its endless possibilities. He became a pirate to fund his experiments, and created the Fiery Heart, Ashan’s first (and only) steam-powered warship.OffBck


Pirates of the Savage SeaEdit


Might & Magic X: LegacyEdit

He offers his services for 75 Gold and 9% share of the gold, in return he will offer to repair items whenever required to.

He teaches master Dodging for 1500 gold.

Trial by FireEdit

Bart is a Runelord.


Hero Trait
Vikingr Viking
All Defenders, Kobold Scouts, Rune Priest, and their respective upgrades in the hero's army gain the "Sea Warfare" creature ability.OffBck


Bart Brimstone appears in Might & Magic: Heroes VI add-on, Pirates of the Savage Sea, Might & Magic X: Legacy and in Might & Magic: Heroes VII add-on, Trial by Fire.


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