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"He's more annoying than any person I have met, and a Wizard as well. Two reasons for me to hate him. Personally, I think the twit needs to be pushed off the nearest cliff."

Barsolar is a wizard appearing in Masters of the Elements, the third part of Heroes Chronicles.

When the Elemental Lords were about to break a ten-thousand-year truce and destroy the world, the Ancestors sent Tarnum to Bracada, so that the Wizards could help him stop them. Disguised as a Wizard, Tarnum sought help with King Gavin Magnus, who gave him an army. King Magnus also sent along a representative: his third cousin Barsolar.

Barsolar and Tarnum disliked each other from the start. Barsolar kept trying to tell Tarnum what to do, as if he assumed that his leader was incapable of rational thought, and Tarnum refused to build a mage guild so that his mages could learn spells - as a former slave of Bracaduun, he had a strong dislike of magic, and kept trying to make his mages fight in physical combat instead.

In the end, Barsolar contacted Gavin Magnus, who sent a letter to Tarnum explaining that his people needed magic to be effective, and that his armies could be withdrawn with a single word. Tarnum agreed to build a mage guild, but he also crumbled up the letter and jammed it into Barsolar's mouth.

Barsolar was the first of Tarnum's advisors to call him out on his habit of insultingly mispronuncing their names. This game of insults was a barbarian tradition, a way of establishing dominance, but not welcome among the wizards.

When Tarnum's armies reached the Elemental Planes, Barsolar left the camp, as he wanted the freedom to study them on his own, and also to get away from Tarnum for a while. His reports were of great use to Tarnum, and they gradually warmed up to each other.

While they were on the Plane of Fire, the Mage Instructor Hemoross discovered that Tarnum was a barbarian, and tired of the way he had been treated, he organized a rebellion against Tarnum. As Tarnum was their greatest hope of reaching home again, Barsolar sided with him, ending the rebellion - as the King's relative, Barsolar had a lot of power among the mages. Hemoross, humiliated at this turn of events, attempted to ambush Barsolar in a wizard duel, but Tarnum stepped in, and the two wizard stood back-to-back as they defeated Hemoross's men.

Tarnum was grateful that Barsolar had supported him against Hemoross, and Barsolar was thankful that Tarnum had trusted him enough to let him explore the Elemental Planes on his own. They became friends. When they reached their homeworld again, ready for the final fight against the Elemental Lords, Tarnum and Barsolar could laugh about the way they had once treated each other, and they promised to see each other again. However, Tarnum knew he couldn't keep that promise - once his mission had been completed, the Ancestors would send him on his way.

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