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"And the second champion made Bellum to be called Barbarian, for it was not brotherhood she seeked in battle but the lust of blood. With the greatest endurance of the heroes the Barbarian seeked the thrill of rushing into battle. Clad only in scale armor she wielded her shield and great hammer against the armies of her foes. In all the statues and tapestries I have seen dedicated to the likeness of this champion she stands high upon a mountain of fallen warriors, a helm of horns upon her head."

The Barbarian is one of the ten classes in Might and Magic III: Isles of Terra. Barbarians have more hit points than any other class, and can wield most weapons, but can't wear armor heavier than scale. It's the only class that doesn't start with any skills or spellcasting abilities.

To become a barbarian, a character must have an endurance score of at least 15. The base hit point growth of a barbarian is 12 hit points per level, and they gain an extra attack per round every fourth level.

Crag Hack is the pre-made barbarian character in the game.

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