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The Barbarian is the Stronghold hero of the Heroes of Might and Magic V expansion, Tribes of the East. They are more combat-focused than most heroes.

Barbarians are the only heroes in the game that can't use regular magic; instead, they have their own spell-like tricks, known as Warcries, which can aid in combat. Since they don't have regular magic books, Barbarians need to purchase Talismans to use Adventure magic like Vessel of Shalassa and Town Portal.

Notable barbarians from the campaign include Quroq, the leader of the Barbarians; Gotai, his heir; and Kujin, their shaman.

Absolute Rage Edit


Absolute Rage is the Barbarian racial skill. It requires the following skills and subskills:

All stronghold creatures in hero's army get 500 additonal points of rage at the beginning of combat.

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