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The Barbarian is the Might hero class of the Stronghold faction in Heroes of Might and Magic III. Its Magic counterpart is the Battle Mage.

Barbarians are little concerned with anything outside the pursuit of military might. Consequently, they advance most quickly in attack based skills and slowly in all others. Barbarians wield massive weapons and wear little armor.OffBck

When leveling up, barbarians are most likely to gain attack (60%) or defense (30%), and less likely to learn knowledge or spellpower (5% each) for the first ten levels. After level ten, attack and defense is at 30%, and knowledge and spellpower at 20%.

Skill probability[]

Probability Skill
10 Offense
8 Artillery, Ballistics, Pathfinding, Scouting, Tactics
7 Archery, Logistics
6 Armorer, Resistance
5 Leadership
4 Learning
3 Air Magic, Earth Magic, Luck, Mysticism
2 Eagle Eye, Estates, Fire Magic, Navigation, Wisdom
1 Diplomacy, First Aid, Intelligence, Scholar, Sorcery
0 Necromancy, Water Magic

Notable barbarians[]

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