Bandits are invisible to 2nd level creatures on the adventure map, and to heroes with Basic Scouting. Bandits are invisible when adjacent to 1st level creatures and heroes with no scouting.OffBck

Bandits are level 1 Asylum creatures that appear in Heroes of Might and Magic IV. They are found at Thieves Dens and have a pair of Long Daggers to use for fighting, both held downwards. They use dark clothes to help them hide in shadows or in the dark. Bandits have experience in hiding, so they often attack unexpectedly or slip through guarded areas unnoticed.

Their combat skills are average for level 1 creatures. However, they are most useful on the adventure map because of its special ability: Stealth. Using this ability, Bandits can steal resources from other level 1 creatures, go past level 1 creatures and heroes without Scouting unnoticed and scout out the enemy. Splitting them is usually a good idea, because Bandits are not able to defend themselves from major threats, and by splitting them you will get more scouts.

Another use for Bandits is to add them to a hero's army if he has the Stealth ability himself. This way both Bandits and the hero will be unnoticed, and Bandits will provide at least minimal defense. This formation, however, is useful only until your hero reaches Expert level in Stealth, because Bandits have nothing more but Advanced Stealth.

If you're playing against an opponent with a lot of Bandits, your best defense is to learn Scouting, Advanced is recommended. That way Bandits will be seen on the map. You could also use level 2 creatures for scouting, as Bandits don't have the skill to hide from them.

Abilities Edit

With Stealth, this creature is invisible at a distance on the Adventure Map to 2nd level creatures and heroes with Basic Scouting. The creature is invisible to adjacent 1st level creatures and heroes with no Scouting.

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