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Balthazar is a character mentioned in Might and Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer. He was the ruler of the minotaurs living in Ravage Roaming, and was said to be the greatest leader in the tribe's history.


Minotaur kings never wear crowns, but instead show their rank with finely crafted war axes. The Axe of Balthazar was lost in the Dark Dwarf Compound during a great battle against the dark dwarves, when Balthazar was betrayed by the frost giants of Vori. Balthazar and some of his warriors managed to escape, but many were slaughtered.

During Balthazar's rule, the minotaurs went to war against the frost giants. Balthazar armed his warriors with poleaxes, supposedly stating that "Since they will be gone so long, arm them with something versatile."

Balthazar later died in battle. The town Balthazar Lair in Ravage Roaming was likely named after him.


In order to promote minotaurs in the party to minotaur lords, the party must complete the Find the Axe of Balthazar quest, by recovering the Axe of Balthazar and bringing it to Dadeross and Tessalar.

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