"No, Nadia. He is too far gone for either of us. Urgash rules his soul now..."
Delara, about Azh Rafir

Azh Rafir is a character in Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes.


Lord Bloodcrown

Azh Rafir, as Lord Bloodcrown

Azh Rafir is a wizard of Silver Cities. Unlike the other wizards, Azh Rafir intends to bring freedom to Ashan, making a deal with demons of Sheogh to bring the Blade of Binding, intending to destroy the barrier between Sheogh and Ashan.

He sent Azexes to retrieve the Blade of Binding, gave a wand to Count Carlyle to bring trouble in the Holy Griffin Empire and dealt with Lordess Ludmilla, as he wanted his wizards (accompanied with demons) to use the land of Heresh to be the place where the portals can be linked to. However, Anwen fought with Azexes and Aidan Unicorn killed him; Fiona Unicorn slew Ludmilla (though she learned Ludmilla bargained with him) and Godric Unicorn defeated Carlyle.

Though his plans were foiled, he managed to continue his work, trapping Anwen, Fiona and Godric when they arrived to the Silver Cities. He called upon Aidan to give him the Blade of Binding, but Godric managed to defeat him. Lastly, Azh Rafir transformed into a demon named Lord Bloodcrown to show his true power, but Nadia, his daughter, stopped his plans. Due to his failure to free the demons from Sheogh, Azh Rafir was dragged there and tortured.



Hero Trait
Palm Blast Palm Blast
Summons the hands of Lord Bloodcrown to fire two mighty palm blasts at the enemy.OffBck


Azh Rafir, as Bloodcrown, was angered at Azexes' failure at retrieving the Blade of Binding, and sends him back to get it.


Bloodcrown was seen bargaining with Count Carlyle, giving him a wand filled with dangerous powers.


Azh Rafir has made a deal with Ludmilla, who was angry for being his subordinate. In the end, Ludmilla was killed for not completing the bargain.


Bloodcrown is angered even more and promises to make an insufferable pain to Azexes if he does not bring the Blade before the Moon Eclipse.


Azh Rafir calls his guards to capture Anwen, Godric and Fiona. Since the guards couldn't have handled them, he summoned a cage.

Later, after Godric stops Aidan, Aidan must battle him. After the battle, Azh Rafir reveals he was Bloodcrown the entire time, so Nadia must crush his plans by defeating him.

In the end, Azh Rafir was dragged to Sheogh for all eternity as a punishment for his failure.


Azh Rafir appears only in Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes.


Azh Rafir's appearance as Lord Bloodcrown, goal and power resembles Kha-Beleth's.


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