"If a man dies in battle, but no one remembers his courage, was he ever truly alive?" This famous quote, attributed to the Windsword, Captain Travis, during a battle with mysterious Wizards in the mountains near Stonehelm, is thought by most to be simply a call to honour and remembrance of those fallen in war. A closer reading of his journal reveals that Travis said these words after having battled an Avatar of the Void. "I saw my men attack a tremendous and murky shadow, and as each fell, I could no longer remember so much as their names." Avatars of the Void are not sentient, and therefore cannot be considered evil nor acting upon some nefarious motive. They are more like a shadowy stain spewed upon the fabric of reality. As it grows and expands, it effaces all that it touches; uncreating objects, souls, and even memories.OffBck

The Avatar of the Void is a boss creature for "Avatar of the Void" quest in A Dream Which Was Not All A Dream scenario from Shades of Darkness expansion pack of Might & Magic: Heroes VI.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Avatar of the Void is one of the boss characters.

Icon-H6.png Avatar of the Void Icon-H6.png
Avatar of the Void.png
Tier Boss
Hit points 250000
Might attack -
Magic attack 8750
Might defense 69%
Magic defense 69%
Damage 7500-10000
Initiative 10
Speed 0
Range None
Morale 0
Destiny 0
Size Huge
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Tactic[edit | edit source]

It does not make sense before the fight to make a huge army, because a limited army with particular combination appears (100 black dragons; 100 celestials; 100 fate weavers; 100 spectral dragons; 100 Sacred Kirins; 100 phoenixes). Under the battle, this army do not suffer from the moral decrease because of the faction differences. The hero's attacks activates "Curse of Oblivion" ability before all turns, that the real damage let the boss be unable to prevent it. The melee creatures may not make something else, than stand the boss, yet if the effect of the "Dark Mirror Shards" ability cannot be avoided with this. The Void Rift Crack is avoidable if the stacks moves away from there. The "Void Gate" ability is a trap and it is possible to destroy it similarly to the Gating's portals. When severely injured (below ~15% Health), the boss use "Circle of the Void" ability that let him heal himself. It is necessary to attack it under this because he may recover the (approximately) half of his maximum Health.

Useful abilities:

  • Evasive Maneuvers; Stand Your Ground, Mass; Stone Skin, Mass (to reduces damage)
  • Regeneration, Mass (to heals creatures)
  • Weakness (reduce the boss' damage for all scource by half)
  • Reinforcements (increase number of target stack)

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Curse of Negation.png
Curse of Negation

This is a debuff on the Hero. After using an active Hero ability, it is "forgotten" for the rest of the battle and cannot be used again. Cooldown: 1 turn.OffBck

Void Rift.png
Void Rift

Opens a crack on the battlefield for 4 turns. Enemy creature stacks within 2 squares of the crack are pulled towards it and adjacent creature stacks are dealt 2000 damage-over-time (Prime) each turn. Cooldown: 4 turn(s).OffBck

Circle of the Void.png
Circle of the Void

Creates a 2-squares-wide area around the Avatar of the Void. Enemy creature stacks can enter it. Damage dealt to the Avatar of the Void by enemy creature stacks from outside the inflict only 10% damage. Creature stacks inside the circle deal 100% damage but are dealt 1000 damage-over-time (Prime) each turn. Also Circle of the Void heals 8% of the boss' Maximum Health each turn. Cooldown: 5 turn(s). Charges: 2OffBck

Void Quake.png
Void Quake

The Avatar of the Void's attacks all adjacent enemy creature stacks, dealing 100% damage (Prime) to each of them and pushing them back 2 squares.OffBck


Movement and Initiative of Boss creatures cannot be reduced. Also grants immunity of Blind effects, Mind Influence and effects causing loss of action.OffBck

Curse of Oblivion.png
Curse of Oblivion

Each turn, the first creature attacking the Avatar of the Void inflicts no damage and is teleported back to its previous position if it moved.OffBck

Dark Mirror Shards.png
Dark Mirror Shards

Each time the Avatar of the Void receives damage from an enemy creature stack, 10% of the damage is returned to another random adjacent enemy creature stack.OffBck

Ominous Presence.png
Ominous Presence

The Avatar of the Void inflicts the "Dazed" effect and a 60% damage reduction to every adjacent creature stack. This effect lasts for as long as they remain adjacent to it.OffBck


The Avatar of the Void's melee attack deals non-healable damage (Prime) and pushes back enemy stacks by 1 square. Stacks destroyed by Eradication cannot be resurrected.OffBck

Void Gate.png
Void Gate

Opens a gateway to the Void under target enemy creature stack for 2 turns. 3% of the captured stack's current number are eradicated every turn until the Void gate is destroyed or disappears. Eradicated creatures can neither be healed or resurrected.OffBck

Minion[edit | edit source]

Void Rift Crack
Void Rift Crack.png
by Void Rift
Enemy creature stacks within 2 squares of the crack are pulled towards it and adjacent creature stacks are dealt Prime damage-over-time each turn.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Achi Void Breaker.png
Void Breaker

During the Avatar of the Void boss fight, kill the boss when he is in the Circle of the Void by attacking with units outside of the circle.OffBck

Achi Raggedy man I remember you.png
Raggedy man, I remember you

Save at least 3 friendly creature stacks from the Void Gate during the Avatar of the Void boss fight.OffBck

Appearances[edit | edit source]

The Avatar of the Void appears only in Shades of Darkness.

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