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The AvLee-Erathia border conflict was a struggle between AvLee and Erathia over the Contested Lands, and is shown in Might and Magic VII: For Blood and Honor. It was an early part of the Occult War.

The Contested Lands had been a source of strife between the two nations since the Timber Wars, when Erathian wood gatherers encroached on AvLee territory. After the Restoration Wars, the conflict reignited, due to Archibald Ironfist convincing the inhabitants of the Contested Lands to seek independence. In the aftermath, both AvLee and Erathia tried to enforce their claim on the area. Judge Grey was appointed arbiter in an attempt to settle the conflict peacefully.

When a party of adventurers became the new Lords of Harmondale, rulers of a castle in the Contested Lands, both Queen Catherine Ironfist of Erathia and King Eldrich Parson of AvLee attempted to recruit them to their side. Judge Grey instead wanted them to help keep the peace.

Some time later, Judge Grey died, and the Lords of Harmondale were asked to appoint a successor. The options were Judge Sleen of Deyja, known for his habit of not getting involved in the disputes he arbitrated, and Judge Fairweather of Bracada, a charismatic man known for his fair and just resolutions. The party chose Fairweather, who helped the two sides divide the Contested Lands evenly between them.

Notes Edit

Originally, the Lords of Harmondale were canonically supposed to select Sleen, leading the party to take the Path of Darkness and the introduction of the Forge faction in Heroes of Might and Magic III: Armageddon's Blade. Due to fan backlash when the idea was presented, the faction was scrapped, and the Path of Light (where they selected Fairweather) became canonical.

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