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""The Aulmad itself must not be seen as an evil place or even as the abode of excessive danger," the little man opined over dinner as they sat around the fire ring on their second night out from Landerlank. "Rather, it is one of the world's most interesting locations, a rich stew of remarkable creatures and human beings of every breed and persuasion."
"It's a stew, all right," Welleck rumbled quietly on Diligence's other side. "But the kind as needs to be boiled twice and run through a strainer before any sensible man sticks his spoon in it."

The Aulmad is a dangerous region appearing in Might and Magic: The Dreamwright and Might and Magic: The Shadowsmith. It bordered the Madescent and the Siccative, and was located northeast of The Wheel and southwest of the Unseen Wall. It was home to more monsters, both human and others, than any other place in the world. Welleck compared it to a "freshly-killed corpse", breeding all manner of pestilence, and travelers usually tried to stay as far away from the place as possible.

The forests and ruins of the Aulmad were inhabited by bone-takers, dry pirates, facestretchers, flaymen, noose women, rockrasps, trammelers, and the dark commandery, but also some harmless creatures like wafts.


The Aulmad had once been a mighty kingdom known as Auldemar the Shining, Lord of Nations, that ruled over the surrounding lands. The kingdom had been very technologically advanced, and its cities had been large and beautiful. Though there were only ruins left at the time of the novels, those ruins were plentiful and still showed impressive craftsmanship.

While inspecting the remains of an ancient pavilion, Derbelderhed came across a treasure room containing several ancient devices from Auldemar's golden days, including a recording of the Rout of Red Harra.

The caravan[]

The first time Diligence's caravan approached the Aulmad, was when they decided to head from Old Hopshog to Paddifraw's Repose, a route that took them dangerously close to the evil realm. When some of the scouts spotted large armies fighting in a nearby basin, while others saw nothing, they suspected that a trammeler had betwitched them, or that a detachment of the dark commandery were near. It turned out that Pomponderant was watching the ancient recording of the Rout of Red Harra, and they managed to leave the area without further incident.

At the crystal palace, when Hitch put the missing node from the Dreamwright machine back in its place, he was attacked by Nury, and Hitch and Jassad Attqua fell through one of the machine's portals, ending up in the Aulmad. While there, Jassad's consciousness emerged from its long coma, and the two decided to head south through the Aulmad and reach his golden ship. Though the trip was fraught with danger, they eventually managed to reach the Siccative.

Through the Dreamwright machine, Pomponderant learned where the Hitch and Jassad had ended up, but nothing about their current status. It was decided that when the members of the caravan were returning to The Wheel, accompanied by Amonwelle's soldiers, they would enter the Aulmad on the way and rescue Hitch and Jassad. But before they reached their destination, the group was ambushed by Lord Grott's soldiers, and taken prisoner.