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"Assassins are men who live in the shadows, always prepared to take the life of any who are doomed to become their target. They are the ghost fighters, who with special skills can strike without being detected, and leave without a trace. Their skill with weapons is second only to the Gladiator. With the addition of the skills only they can use, the Assassin is a formidable opponent."

The Assassin is one of the four ultimate might classes in Might and Magic IX, the other three being the Gladiator, Paladin, and Ranger. It is the only class that can reach grandmaster level in thrown weapons and disarm trap.

Skills Edit

Assassins can learn skills to the following levels:

Skill Normal Expert Master Grand
Blade Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bow Yes Yes No No
Cudgel Yes No No No
Spear Yes Yes Yes No
Thrown Yes Yes Yes Yes
Unarmed Yes Yes No No
Armor Yes Yes Yes No
Dodge Yes Yes Yes No
Shield Yes Yes No No
Dark Magic No No No No
Elemental Magic No No No No
Light Magic No No No No
Spirit Magic No No No No
Armsmaster Yes Yes Yes No
Body Building Yes Yes Yes No
Disarm Trap Yes Yes Yes Yes
Identify Item Yes Yes Yes No
Identify Monster Yes Yes No No
Item Repair Yes Yes No No
Learning Yes Yes Yes No
Meditation No No No No
Merchant Yes Yes Yes No
Perception Yes Yes Yes No
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