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For other characters of the same name, see Ash.

Ash is a female kreegan Heretic and Necromancer seen in Heroes III and IV.


Heroes III[]

Ash is a Heretic. She starts with basic Wisdom and Eagle Eye.

Hero Trait
BloodlustH3 specialty.png Bloodlust
Casts Bloodlust with increased effect, based on hero level compared to the level of the target unit (the bonus is greater when used on weaker units).OffBck

Heroes IV[]

Ash is a Necromancer.


Heroes III[]

Ash got her name during the initial attack on Erathia. Her forces managed to trap several dozen elves and dwarves inside a large wooden fort, which she blasted so completely with a spell that the entire structure 'powdered' in a cloud of ash, revealing several dozen very shocked occupants.OffBck

Heroes IV[]

This demoness took the name Ash to remind all who oppose her what becomes of her enemies. Since her kind is dwindling in numbers, she has taken up a new kind of magic to assure her survival and abandoned all hope for the Kreegan plan of domination.OffBck


Ash appears in Heroes of Might and Magic III and Heroes of Might and Magic IV.

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