Arrio is a hero featured in Might & Magic: Heroes VI.


The baby Arrio was rescued from a burning stable by Orcs fleeing the Bull Duchy. He had been pulled from the dead arms of his Human mother by the tribe’s Shaman, who raised him as one of her own. She soon found that the orphan shared her sensitivity for communication with the ancestors. It was during his rite of passage to become a Shaman himself that he encountered his mother’s ghost, wandering in fear amidst a horde of Orc spirits who seemed just as surprised as he was by the woman’s presence. Arrio’s mother said she had been looking for him to ensure that he was safe. She kissed him and immediately passed on to Asha, leaving her son to his destiny. When Arrio returned from his dream trance, he explained to his brothers and sisters the portents of his vision, and his Shaman foster-mother answered him in true Orc fashion, “Arrio look like Human! But Arrio fight and dream like Orc. Good enough for me.” From that day forward, the dream has never been brought up again.OffBck


Arrio appears only in Might & Magic: Heroes VI.

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