Arkath is the Dragon of Fire and leader of Fortress fraction. He is rash, hasty, and ill-tempered. Selfish and hot-headed, the Dragon of Fire is ruled by his passions and impulses, rather than by logic and cool discourse; these traits make him a terrifying force in battle.

He is mostly worshipped by the thrillseekers, those who see life as a constant struggle and burn it at both ends, but also of those who, like the blacksmiths, shed their sweat and blood as offering to the fire. Arkath gathers the Dwarves, grim masters of forge and fire. 

Arkath is the largest of the Elemental Dragons. His features are all about physical power, ferocity and passion. His thick scales are like lava, searing hot and glowing redgold. His breath is a stream of flames that incinerates everything it engulfs.

His children are the fire dragons, who dwell in the depths of the earth.

He is probably the only elemental dragon seen in-game. Wulfstan, Hangvul, and Zehir met him in "Summoning the Dragon", the third mission of the "Flying to the Rescue" campaign, where Arkath declared Wulfstan as the new dwarven king. This Arkath used the model of a magma dragon.


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