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Arion Hunter is a character in Might and Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer. He is a rat king in Smuggler's Cove. The king of all wererats had traveled to the sewage trails on the western edge of Ravenshore in Jadame.

When the Regnan pirates attacked, upon receiving the letter from Dadeross about the volcano and pirate raid on the Dagger Wound Islands, Edgar Fellmoon decided he needed the smugglers' help to get past the pirates. He gave the Hero of Jadame the quest to deliver a letter to Arion, blackmailing him into helping.

Hunter provided three ships: Wind in Ravenshore, Smoke in Twilight, and Mist in Ravage Roaming. He also gave the Hero of Jadame two quests: One was to deliver a fake report to the Dread Pirate Stanley, from whom he had also been blackmailed, and the other was to rescue his daughter, Irabel, from the ogres, with whom Stanley was allied. He knew Fellmoon's threats about kidnapping Irabel were empty because she had already been kidnapped by Zog the Jackal on Stanley's orders.

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