(any three magic schools)

Type Advanced class
Effect +20% spellpower to all spells

The Archmage is an advanced class in Heroes of Might and Magic IV, granted to heroes who become specialized in three magic schools. An Archmage sees the effectiveness of all their spells increase by 20%.


The Archmage is most likely to learn magic skills. Archmages can not learn Tactics, Combat or Scouting when leveling up unless some basic training in those skills is already known.


The way to become an Archmage is to have one or more subskills in three or more magic schools. This is very easy to do if you visit any universities.

Be careful about becoming an Archmage too early in your hero's career. Once they become an Archmage, it will be very difficult to reach Grandmaster level in any schools that you haven't already, because with every level, the skills you will be offered will be drawn from ALL the magic skills and subskills - making it unlikely that you will receive the one or two needed to advance any particular school. It is far more impressive (and useful) to have a few Grandmaster spells than it is to have a plethora of Advanced spells.

The Archmage's bonus is excellent, however, once your hero has Grandmastered his starting school.

Bohb, the main character of the Masters of Magic campaign in The Gathering Storm, starts the campaign knowing every single school of magic.