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The Archer is one of the starting classes in Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven. Archers can use a combination of spells and weapons, and are masters of the bow. They gain 3 hit points and 2 spell points per level.

"Like Paladins, the Archer is a hybrid of the Knight and Sorcerer classes. Archers may learn to use any type of weapon (specializing in the bow, of course) but they may never learn the shield or plate armor skills. They are compensated by beginning with the Air realm of magic and may eventually learn to use the rest of the Elemental realms. The greater realms of Light and Dark are, however, beyond their grasp. Archers can be promoted to Battle Mage (gaining one hit point and one spell point per level) and eventually may become Warrior Mages (gaining another hit point and spell point per level). All of the secondary skills are open to the Archer."


Attribute Minimum Starting Maximum
Might 7 9 25
Intellect 12 14 25
Personality 5 7 25
Endurance 9 11 25
Accuracy 12 14 25
Speed 9 11 25
Luck 5 7 25


Archers can learn the following skills:


Battle Mage[]

To be promoted to Battle Mages, Archers must complete the Retrieve the key to the Dragon Towers quest for Lord Erik von Stromgard in Castle Stromgard. Battle Mages gain 4 hit points and 3 spell points per level.

Warrior Mage[]

To be promoted to Warrior Mages, Battle Mages must complete the Reset all of the Dragon Towers quest for Lord Erik von Stromgard. Warrior Mages gain 5 hit points and 4 spell points per level.

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