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"An archer can use any weapon, unless of opposite alignment or designed exclusively for another class. An archer can wear only chain mail or lighter armor, and cannot carry a shield. An archer can use any missile weapon, even during hand-to-hand combat."

The Archer is one of the six classes in Might and Magic I. Archers are proficient in all weapons, but are particularly effective with ranged weapons, being able to use them in close combat. Once they reach a high enough level, they can cast sorcerer spells. Their spell level is calculated by this formula: (Experience level - 5) / 2, with a maximum of 4.

To become an archer, a character must have intellect and accuracy scores of at least 12. The base hit point growth of an archer is between 1 and 10 hit points per level.

Zenon III is the pre-made archer character in the game.

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